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Vera Farmiga as Abby Cairn
Sam Rockwell as Brad Cairn
Dallas Roberts as Ned Davidoff
Michael McKean as Chester Jenkins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ThrownMuse 6 / 10

Unpleasant viewing, exceptional performances.

This is a very strange and unconventional horror/thriller with fantastic performances by Vera Farmiga and Jacob Kogan. Usually kid actors in horror films bug me (I'm lookin' at you, new OMEN kid!), but this little dude totally creeped me out in a Martin Stephens kind of way. It's an excellent performance and one of the best things this offbeat movie has going for it. This movie's plot sounds like typical "Bad Seed" ground, but it twists and turns into really bizarre territory, disorienting the viewer to the point where you have no idea where it's going or where it's been. I'm still not sure if I even liked it, but it did make me feel incredibly uneasy, and I guess that's worth something.

Reviewed by jaybob 6 / 10

many loopholes,inconclusive script, no definite ending & overly long

Joshua is all my summary says it all, BUT at same time one can form many opinions on the movie.

Dave Gilbert co-wrote this with director George Ratliff., The script has so many loopholes you can drive an 18 wheeler straight through & not hit anything.

This is a confusing story of an overly bright,but lonely 9 year old,he has a mind & the demeanor of a much older lad. We are led to believe many things about the boy, which may not be the truth.

Even the very last scene, which I had sort of figured out at the very beginning,still leaves many loose ends & unexplained happenings.. I loved the setting, an apartment in an older building on Centra Park West, in New York City.

The acting by the small cast is very good, Sam Rockwell & Vera Farminga are Joshua's parents. Celia Weston is Rockwell's overly religious mother. Dallas Roberts is the mothers very nice & attentive brother,He is the only one that really pays attention to his nephew.Jacob Kogan is Joshua, people in the cast think he is responsible for some bad things, I may be wrong, but I feel the boy is not really to blame. Unfortunate things do happen,

In other words this film is not very clear on many plot turns & twist, it is overly long as well.

The very last scene is neither a shock or a surprise.

A miss for me, I wish it were a better & clearer film.

ratings **1/2 (out of 4 ) 72 points (out of 100) IMDb (6 out of 7)

Reviewed by SomethingJustDiedInHere 8 / 10

Clearly not what the ignorant masses were expecting

I had been waiting quite impatiently for the release of Joshua from the moment I saw the trailer. Unlike the people who walked out of the theater, I was not disappointed. But that doesn't mean you won't be. Joshua is clearly not a movie for the everyman and it never really tries to be.

It is a story about a boy who longs to be understood by parents who choose to watch from the sidelines. The previews made the boy seem like he was just a creepy weirdo, but it becomes obvious quite quickly why he is the way he is. Joshua tells his father that he does not like soccer and baseball. In an attempt to seem open-minded and understanding, his father tells him that it's okay and that he should just do what he wants (without ever asking exactly what it is that his son wants). His mother just doesn't care as long as she's not bothered.

Dark, disturbing, creepy, but occasionally sadistically humorous, events unfold slowly (much to the dismay of people expecting shock after gratuitous shock) proving Joshua to be a far more calm and calculating boy than originally perceived. Jacob Kogan's performance is reminiscent of Haley Joel Osment in A.I. (if that character were a sadistic schemer). He is the only character who stands out and I believe this was intentional; the other characters can tell, right along with the audience, that the boy ain't quite right.

This movie is certainly not for the impatient and/or those who need to be smacked in the face repeatedly to stay awake during movies. But if you want a movie that slowly and coolly toys with your mind until the very end, Joshua will likely deliver what you are looking for.

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