The Commuter


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 70183


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Liam Neeson as Michael MacCauley
Patrick Wilson as Alex Murphy
Vera Farmiga as Joanna
Elizabeth McGovern as Karen MacCauley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dondutton 2 / 10

Plot problems

A conspiracy of powerful people needs a witness killed...they have so much power that they kill others just to convince Our Hero that he has to comply with them and finger the witness. What is never explained is why they just couldn't do the job themselves...since they could even cause a train crash on which the witness and Our Hero was riding. If they had just crashed the train, they could have killed all on board and solved their witness problem. Wha's a little collateral damage? Instead, they get Our Hero involved and things go awry. We could see that coming, why couldn't they?

Reviewed by mycannonball 3 / 10

Too implausible

I wanted to like this. It's cool that Liam Neeson launched an action-hero career later in life, and while I loved him in Taken, it seems like he's mostly picked nonsensical action scripts since then. For example, Non-Stop was far-fetched but if you did a little extra suspension of disbelief (which I did), it turned out to be a pretty good thriller. But this?? This?!

This is one of the silliest, most implausible scripts ever written. The entire premise makes zero sense. ALL-SEEING, ALL-KNOWING "Bad Guys" (Well, Vera Farmiga) can make literally anything happen at any time, kill anyone inside or outside the commuter train, and see what's going on inside the commuter train at all times - and yet they can't locate and kill the single witness who's on the train. Thus, they need to pull Liam Neeson's strings to make it happen. The implausible moments pile one on top of the other throughout the film.

However, the film does have some very good action sequences, so if you're going into without any concern for story at all, you might have some fun with this one. Mindless action. But come on, Vera Farmiga, I expect much better from YOU!

Reviewed by Fletcher Conner 6 / 10

Decent Thriller Derailed by Ridiculous Third Act

SPOILER: The Commuter delivers what it promises, a Liam Neeson action movie that relies on tension and a little bit of mystery to fill out its runtime. It begins very well with minimal exposition for the set up, using images or short conversations to explain what most movies would carve out five minutes of dialogue for. From there it evolves more like a mystery with an ordinary man in an extraordinary situation searching for someone on the train. As it enters the third act, it goes full action movie with explosions, fight scenes, and massive stakes. While this was to be expected from Jaume Collet-Serra, it undermines what had been a more contained thriller up to that point.

It is shot well enough and uses an ensemble cast well, but no one besides Liam Neeson really has too much to do. Vera Farmiga and Jonathan Banks are both talented actors that are really underutilized. All in all, The Commuter is another Liam Neeson action movie that could be best described as "Nonstop on a train."

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